New Casinos 2023

New Casinos offers New Bonuses.

New casinos are launched all the time; by the time you are done reading this article, there will probably be a new casino launched. As a result, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the launched casinos on your own. That is why Casino Amy will do all the legwork for you in 2021 and beyond. The aim is to ensure that you always find the latest and best casinos that offer value for money. Casino Amy signs into new casinos to test the games and then checks out the terms and conditions. If you are on the hunt for new casinos online in 2021, there are some basic things, which Casino Amy believes you should check out.

Best New Casinos for Canadian Players

platin casino logo Platin Casino 100% up to C$1.000
metal casino logo Rizk No email or SMS
mozzart casino logo Mozzart Up To $300 Bonus
gambola casino logo Gambola Up To 50 Free Spins
metal casino logo Metal Casino No email or SMS
casumo casino logo Casumo Up To 50 Free Spins
dunder casino logo Dunder Up To 50 Free Spins
malina casino logo Malina Casino 100% up to C$500 + 200 spins
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New Casinos Will Give You
All of below.

  1. New Bonuses
  2. Fresh themes
  3. Funny Challenges

Why Should You Try New Casinos 2023?

You might be playing at a reputable casino, and you might not see the need to try new casinos in 2023. However, there are many good reasons to try. The best strategy is to play at both old and mix with some new. The top players in the online gaming world are always on the hunt for any new casinos released in 2023.

One reason why you need to try new casinos is innovation. Unlike the popular perception suggests companies that launch new ones are not newbies trying to make their mark in the casino world. In most cases, the people that launch these casinos are industry veterans who have been working in the industry for ages. Some of these are from the land-based casinos that want to enter the online casino world in 2019. In other cases, these are former employees of some of the largest online casinos that want to bring their ideas to the market in 2020.

As people who have been in the sector for years, they know what works and what new players need. They will often launch new games based on original concepts. In some cases, you will even benefit from finding features you have never heard of at a new casinos. The reason being that most established casinos fear innovation. They would rather stay with what is proven.

In most cases, their philosophy is that you do not fix something that is not broken. However, there is a limit to this merit. Players in 2023 are looking not just to make money but also have an exciting experience online. If your online gameplay has been getting a bit dull, you will benefit from playing online.

At Casino Amy, listings for the most exciting sites are taken into consideration after a careful review. After, all few things surprise the Casino Amy team after reviewing casinos for so long. Thus, if a casino is listed here, it needs to have truly stood out.

The Mobile Experience at New Casinos

Research shows that about 50% of all players at casinos use mobile devices. Thus, casino operators creating new casinos 2020 need to ensure that they work perfectly. A good casino inventor will ensure that their casino is compatible with various mobile devices. Besides that, the casinos launching in 2019 need variety in the mobile version of their platform. New casinos usually get the most traffic if all their games are accessible via a mobile platform. Most of the new generation of players spend less time using their desktop computers than on their phone. At casino Amy, the casinos are tested at multiple platforms to understand the gaming experience.

Gaming on Android Platforms

One reason to try new casinos 2023 is that most existing casinos are usually slow to adopt new technology. They have known desktop since they launched and they are not willing to put in the effort and deploy a mobile version. Even when they launch mobile apps for Android devices, they only launch basic features. The experience is sub-par compared to casinos that launch with mobile platforms in mind. At new sites, the android app is usually feature-rich and has almost all the games offered via the desktop version. Thus, the Android gaming experience at new casinos is often superior to the established casinos.

Gaming on iOS Platforms

Most new websites ill also have a version of their platform on iPads and iPhones. They will optimize the casino for iOS. Besides that, most players will usually trust a fresh casino more if it has a strong presence on iOS. The reason for this is that Apple is known to have very strict standards on what kind of apps are acceptable on its platform. Thus, if you are looking for a good and trusted site, always check out their presence on iOS.

Use of Innovative Technology

One area where it might benefit you to try a new casino is innovative technology. For instance, some new casinos come with an option for using VR technology at their video slots. You might also find a casino that offers the option to pay in cryptocurrency. The VR technology could be a lot of fun to try if you wish to spice up your online experience.

The Largest Bonuses are available at New Casinos

Besides new and exciting features, new casinos also make it a point to bring you the best and biggest bonuses in 2023. Some of these bonuses are so awesome that they are hard to find at established casinos. The reason for this is that new casinos are trying to shine and be on the frontline. With established names already in the industry, these casinos need to do their best to ensure they stand out. Some of the promotions that they use to attract customers are:

• Signup bonuses
• Welcome bonuses
• No deposit bonuses
• Free spins at slots games
• Free limited wagers
• Grand opening contests
• Cashback bonuses

Many new casinos are giving money to new customers to get them to play. New customers can use the money to play at these casinos and test the features. The new casinos hope that when customers experience the features, they will want to stay on. However, you should always check the terms and conditions. Some new casinos require that you deposit cash before you can withdraw the amount you win.

Casino Amy ensures that the casinos listed have the best terms for getting your winnings. They play the games and try to make withdrawals to understand if there are any hidden terms. Only when the team has been satisfied with the system at a new casino, do they list it.

A Breakdown of the Bonuses

While many casinos come with bonuses, they can be tricky if you do not read the terms. For instance, the small print could reveal that the bonuses are not as big as you might have expected upon signing up. If you are looking for great bonuses in 2020, always check out verified promotions via Casino Amy. One hint to watch out for is blockbuster bonuses. If a promotion seems too good, you should be wary. It is especially so if you have been playing at online casinos for a while now. Here are some of the casino bonuses that you can find at new casinos 2023.

Free Spins

Free spins are one of the most common bonuses offered at new casinos 2023. Most serious gamers specifically seek out free spins as compared to cash bonuses. With free spins, players can easily calculate the odds of them winning anything on the casino. This way, they can decide whether they should even sing up to a casino.

At new sites, free spins in spades are always on offer. While most established casinos offer free spins on one or two games, new casinos 2020 will offer free spins in many other games. Players are then able to choose the games that offer them the best chance of winning where they can use their free spins to make real money. In some casino sites, you will not even need to make a deposit; use your free spins and make money.

No Deposit Bonuses

The no deposit bonuses in 2023 are the equivalent of the California gold rush. You will need to make the most out of them since most of them only last for a short while. At most casinos, you will usually get a bonus once you make a deposit. However, some new sites are embracing the no deposit bonus. The bonus is activated once you register at the casino. It is an opportunity to make a lot of money without the need to spend any of your money. The money is real and most new casinos will let you play at any game you like. In some casinos launched in 2023, you will be allowed to withdraw the money without any strings attached. This advantage should be reason enough for you to start hunting for some fresh casino sites.

300% Bonuses

The most you can hope to make at existing casinos is about 100%. However, new casinos are pushing the envelope in 2023. The bonuses can be 100% or even 300%. Things can get so good that you can find higher than that. However, you need to examine the terms and conditions twice if it goes above that.

In most new casinos, there is a cash limit. Most of the casinos will offer you the bonus up to a certain point. For instance, a casino could offer you a 300% bonus up to C$200. That means any amount over that will not be eligible.

For those sites, the highest bonus percentage seems like it has the most value. However, seasoned players will tell you it is not always the case. The best choice you can make is to go for a casino with a higher cap on the bonus even if it offers a smaller percentage.

The Customer Service at New Casinos

One thing to really notice from new sites are that they excel compared to the old casinos in this area. When a casino has been around for a while, one area that usually suffers damage is the customer care department. They become complacent and lose interest in improving the experience. The casino might feel that they already have enough players and it is not worth going the extra mile to get new players. Even seasoned players will be looking for new casinos in 2019 for this reason. If you are new to online casinos, it is worth trying out new casinos. Then you will realize that the customer service can be better than what you have been getting at the established casino with years of trust build up. New casinos need to focus on the needs of customers since they want to retain as many of them as possible.

Casinos in 2023 are investing in customer service even when they have little profits coming in. They understand that this is a long-term investment, which will pay off eventually. Since industry veterans run most new casinos 2020, they understand one area of concern has been customer service. They are coming up with new and innovative methods to address the issue. One area that Casino Amy focuses on when looking into a new casino is customer service. If the customer service is not working at a new casino, everything else is most likely substandard as well. If you have issues with customer care at your current casino, it would probably be a good idea to move.

The Payment Processing at New Casinos

If you are in search of a new casino, one area you also need to examine is the payment options. These will include the options for deposits and withdrawals. One area that old casinos could improve on is the payment methods. Some will only restrict themselves to a few options. It can be quite limiting especially in an era where people get their pay via different means such as PayPal instead of through the bank.

Thus, you should only pick a new casino should only if it offers you a huge variety of options. Besides that, you need to examine the period for payment processing. The casino should have at least one method that allows you to get your money within three days.


When trying new features and bonuses at a new casino is fun, you always need to think about security. Ensure that the casino you pick is fully licensed to operate in Canada or MGA (Malta). It should also come with good online reviews about security. For instance, a good casino should use the latest encryption technology. If it has had any security issues in the recent past, do not risk your money at it.